• BLACK SEA DELUGE is a Mallorcan band creating vibrant and dense rock music hinting at diverse influences such as QOTSA, MUSE, NICK CAVE, SANTIGOLD.

    The group is fronted by South African Gareth Hall, who formed the group in 2014 announcing the project with an eponymous EP, to positive reviews.

    With strong melodies and focused attack, the group flirts with a post-punk electro wasteland while remaining up-beat and true to its groove-a-liscious roots.

    After joining forces with Madrileño Producer and Multi-Instrumentalist Manuel “Gurri” Campuzano in the role of drummer/producer, the partnership was secured and the pair released 2 EPs in swift succession.

  • “I&II” were released in 2016 via the group’s Bandcamp page. After great feedback and a series of energetic live shows, the pair then locked themselves into their tiny studio for the remainder of 2017 to write and record their first full length album and to further explore the possibilities of their sound.

    “Quinta del Sordo” (Released July 2018) fully taps into the skills of Gurri´s varied instrumentation - contributing not only drums but guitars, basses, keyboards and backing vocals, as well as serving as the albums Producer.

    “Quinta del Sordo” takes a long stride from its predecessor, pushing at the dynamics and tension of the rock genre, layering hooks with-in-hooks as we sink in to the hypnotic and crumbling landscape first revealed in their earlier work.

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    Full length Album recorded 2018

    Gareth Hall (Vocals, Guitar)

    Gurri Campuzano Solana (Guitar, Bass, Drums, Synths, Vocals)

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